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St. Lawrence Parks Commission - Notice to Residents

Notice To Residents Regarding Plowing Along The Thousand Islands Parkway and Use of the Recreation Trail

We are most fortunate to have such a wonderful recreation trail that runs the length of the 1000 Islands Parkway.  Its uses throughout the year vary and with winter upon us we want to ensure the safety of all users and the long term sustainability of this asset.

 Please note that the St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC) owns the right-of-way that includes the paved recreation trail and surrounding green space including the north lane (green space north of the paved recreation trail).  SLPC does not maintain any land north of the parkway for any winter use.  Motorized vehicles including snow machines are not permitted on the paved recreation trail as indicated by signage along the 37km stretch of pathway.

The paved recreational trail is for pedestrians and other winter activities such as skiing and snow shoeing when conditions support these uses and the path is safe to do so. Plowing the trail puts others at risk as it creates unsafe conditions for users and may damage the pavement.  As such, we ask property owners to refrain from plowing the recreation trail.

 The primary use of the north lane is for property owners holding a Controlled Access Entrance Permit to access their property.  These residents are permitted to maintain the north lane (green space north of the paved recreation trail) from their private drive to the designated point of access onto the Thousand Islands Parkway.  Snowmobilers are allowed to share the north lane with those property owners that travel the north lane.  We ask residents when plowing their access routes or their driveways to deposit the snow in a manner that does not cause obstruction for those using the north lane or those using the recreation trail for winter recreational activity.  We also remind snowmobilers that the speed limit is 25 km/hr due to the numerous access points and variety of uses along this corridor.

SLPC wishes everyone a safe and healthy winter season.


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