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Learn about some of the tools carried on our trucks as well as their purpose in the Fire Service.


Halligan Tool-Forcible Entry-Rescue 4

Originally invented by a firefighter with the New York City Fire Department (F.D.N.Y.), the Halligan tool is designed to help firefighters gain entry into locked areas of structure fires. With a flat Adze and spike on one end, and a fork on the other, it can be used to pry doors, or remove lock cylinders when combined with a K-Tool.


Halligan tools                                Halligan combined with K-Tool

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus(SCBA)-Hazardous environments-Pumper 1, Rescue 4, Pumper 6

SCBA's are used on calls where there is, or a potential for, fire. these masks allow us to work inside house fires, or around any type fire that is producing dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide or hydrogen cyanide. we use SCOTT SAFETY 2216 PSI SCBA's. we carry a variety of pack styles including wireframe, AP50 and AP75. we use 2 types of cylinders: aluminum as well as carbon fiber cylinders. these packs consist of three pieces: the cylinder, harness, and a mask.


wireframe with aluminum bottle        AP50 with carbon bottle and mask



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